Teaminformation (Dutch)

In 2007-2008 the first Women’s Eredivisie was started, FC Twente was the first club in the Netherlands that stated they would have a women’s squad. At the start of every season there are a few ‘talent-try-out-days’, at which the female players get a chance to show their skills. For the best of these there is a spot in the first team or one of the teams in the Football Academy.

The goal of the academy is to raise players and expand their skills so that in time they can become part of the first squad of FC Twente’s Women’s Squad. The academy has shown its promise with various players making the step from the academy to the first squad. FC Twente is also well represented in the different Dutch youth leagues.

Over the next couple of years women’s football in the Netherlands will be professionalised and the league is expected to grow.